Katrinna Harris, Co-Founder 

Prophetess Katrinna Harris

​I didn’t grow up in the church so when I got saved, I assumed that all of us read the same bible so we all believed the same.  This thinking was really far from the reality of things.  God has always dealt with me as it relates to every situation I found myself in.  If I had problems with my husband, God dealt with me and never spoke anything negative to me concerning my husband.  The same is true with all other people and relationships as well.  God, by the leading of his spirit, taught me to walk in love and forgive man their trust passes against me. I had to do this all day, everyday. Later I realized that God was more concerned about the condition of my heart rather that he was with blessing me with stuff.  God also knew that the thing I needed the most of, which is love and forgiveness, I had to be willing to give it away.  Thus the Refiner’s House was birth out of pure desire for men to become aware of God’s true intention towards his people.  For we invite and encourage the chastisement of the Lord which is meant to develop us and usher us into eternal life through the Lord Jesus Christ. 

My Story Became My Ministry  

Lethaniel Harris
change is inevitable, when we declare war against the Enemy of self. 

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